The Lemongrass Spa story and tips to grow your Direct Selling business with Heidi Leist | EP183

We are so thrilled to share a special episode that reminds us all what this podcast is all about. Whether you’re a Direct Seller looking to grow your business, part of a corporate company in the Direct Selling Industry, or even just considering starting your own business venture – this podcast serves to support and inspire you. 

A key part of our mission with this podcast is bringing you incredible stories and insights from individuals around the world making an impact in the dynamic Direct Selling field. In this episode we are super excited to do exactly that…

It’s both an honor and a privilege for us to meet remarkable people and share their stories. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to a very special individual, Heidi Leist, the founder and CEO of Lemongrass Spa Products. We aim to shine a spotlight on this incredible industry, and its influence on individuals and communities, and feel that Heidi’s story does exactly that. 

Heidi’s journey and insights as both a consultant and a company leader are truly inspiring. She shares with us not only her wealth of industry and business knowledge, but also gets personal sharing from the heart about her private life and the challenging dynamics of working with your spouse.

We strive to provide you with valuable tips, tricks, and real-world experiences that can propel your journey – today the incredible Heidi will do exactly that. Tune in to gain valuable tips, tricks, and real-world experiences to help you achieve your business dreams. Enjoy the remarkable story of Heidi and LemonGrass Spa!

We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction

➡ [3:44] Celebrating 21 years  

➡ [5:37] Starting a business with two babies

➡ [6:21] Looking back 21 years ago

➡ [09:29] Working with your significant other

➡ [13:25] Heidi’s “ah-ha!” moment, diving into Direct Selling    

➡ [15:08] Starting out in business? Listen to this

➡ [17:41] Creating a culture in your team

➡ [19:28 ] Getting on the right track

➡ [22:07] Biggest change in the Direct Selling industry that Heidi seen in the last 21 years

➡ [25:00] Heidi’s supper skill in her business

➡ [27:58] Keeping the relationship building going

➡ [35:26] Talking about legacy

➡ [38:00] A special product launched this month: Pink Box of Hope

➡ [40:38] Heidi’s inspiration for this special product

➡ [43:18] Finding the right balance

➡ [46:26] Heidi’s recommended book

➡ [46:58] Heidi’s dream superpower

➡ [49:33] Heidi’s favourite quote

➡ [50:42] Heidi’s advice to her past self

➡ [52:08] Getting in touch with Heidi Leist


➡ Book Recommendation: Digital Persuasion by Erin King: https://amzn.to/496gyhy



➡ “You can’t’ start next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one”


About our guest:

Heidi Leist is an author, founder and CEO of Lemongrass Spa Products. For over 21 years, the company has been challenging the conventions of traditional manufacturing by pioneering and perfecting handcrafted, ethically sourced small batches of skincare, makeup, and bodycare. Today, thousands of people have joined what we call ‘the Lemongrass family’ as loyal consumers and independent social sellers. 

With a shared passion for clean, natural, and healthy living, Heidi and her team are grateful to be able to give back to the greater community. The organization has provided resources to members of the military through their company initiative Freedom Feet, meals for Feeding America and campaigns for cancer research and prevention. She has been a speaker at DSA events throughout the years and a guest speaker at universities through the DSEF education program. Heidi and her business partner and husband, Bryan, live on the gulf coast of Florida where they enjoy boating, diving and traveling with their two daughters. 


Connect with Heidi Leist

➡ Heidi Leist LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heidi-leist-a722238/

➡ Lemongrass Spa website: https://www.lemongrassspa.com/blog/author/leisth/

➡ Lemongrass Spa Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LemongrassSpaProductsCorporate


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