Transforming Sri Lankan Tradition Into Direct Selling Legacy with Gaya Samarasingha | Episode 208

Ever had a dream so big it felt like it could change everything… But as you started envisioning the details, it all seemed too overwhelming? You’re not alone. Many of us get stuck at that crossroads, where ambition meets apprehension. But today, I want to introduce you to someone who didn’t let that stop her.


Meet Gaya Samarasingha, the inspirational force behind Kalaia products. Her journey is a testament to turning daunting dreams into reality. Despite the odds, Gaya simplified the complicated and achieved the extraordinary. She’s not just a business owner; she’s a visionary reshaping the Direct Selling industry.


What sets Gaya apart is her unwavering passion for empowering women. Through her own Direct Selling venture, she’s solving real-world problems for women worldwide. Her dedication is not only inspiring but also transformative. Today, I have the privilege of sharing her remarkable story with you.


Gaya’s journey will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated about the endless possibilities within the Direct Selling landscape. Listen in to discover the power of relentless determination and unwavering passion. Tune in for an incredible story of how a little girls Sri Lankan tradition became a Direct Selling legacy with Gaya Samarasingha.




We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction

➡ [3:39] Getting to know Gaya 

➡ [6:00] Passion

➡ [9:40] Putting the work in

➡ [10:50] From Information Technology to Direct Sales

➡ [12:12] Getting involved with Direct Sales

➡ [13:38] Gaya’s journey 

➡ [16:20] Having a different perspective

➡ [20:51] How Kalaia was born

➡ [31:41] Influence from childhood experience

➡ [35:18] Gaya started Kalaia through… 

➡ [42:11] Is my journey not good enough to share?

➡ [49:18] Building relationships and community

➡ [54:02] Where Kalaia’s name came from and Gaya’s dream for Kalaia

➡ [58:01] Gaya recommends this book 

➡ [50:54] Gaya’s dream superpower

➡ [51:27] Gaya’s favourite quote

➡ [52:20] Gaya’s advice to her past self




About our guest:

Gaya Samarasingha was born and raised in Sri Lanka, Gaya came to the United States in 2004 with two suite-cases, love of her life, and full of dreams. She is a mom, a wife, an immigrant, and an entrepreneur who is passionate about not only clean skincare that addresses the needs of women; but also empowering women in business. After nearly a decade of experience in the Direct Selling Industry working for mature billion-dollar companies to newer companies that are going through hyper growth stage, Gaya left an executive position to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.

Since moving to the United States, Gaya struggled with multiple skin concerns from adult acne, skin discoloration to signs of aging. As a young, working mom with a demanding career, Gaya struggled to maintain her 8-10 step skincare regimen and was unable to find a comprehensive solution to her common skin concerns. She knew she wasn’t alone.

Going back to her roots, in 2017, Gaya created a skincare line using unique natural ingredients from around the world, ingredients that have been used in ancient Sri Lankan skin care rituals, Ayurvedic medicine, and daily diets for thousands of years. Kalaia was launched in 2018 and currently operating in the United States, Australia, Canada and UK not only offering clean skincare products to its growing customer base but also a Brand Partner Program tailored to the modern Direct Seller.




➡ Book Recommendation:  Die with Zero by Bill Perkins – https://bit.ly/4aWZfzH


Discount Code:

➡ 30% off on first purchase, use this coupon code: AUXANO VIP



“You have to have thick skin and a short memory to survive in this industry.”


Connect with Gaya:

Kalaia IG – https://www.instagram.com/kalaiaproducts

Kalaia FB – https://www.facebook.com/kalaiaproducts

Kalaia Website – https://kalaiaproducts.com

Gaya’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/gayasamarasingha


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