Redefining Social Media Influence with Dana Fortune (Direct Selling Accelerator Spotlight Special!) | Episode 206

I recently had the absolute pleasure of not only catching up with this amazing lady again on our trip back to the US, but also presenting alongside her at the Direct Selling Association’s Engage Conference! For those who may not know her already, I am thrilled to introduce to you in this Spotlight Special to the incredible Dana Fortune, the VP of Digital Marketing at 4Life.


Have you ever stopped to truly understand what it takes to be an influencer? It’s a term that carries weight in today’s digital world, yet it’s essence often remains elusive. Well, tune into this Spotlight Special as we unravel this mystery through Dana’s inside knowledge and invaluable insights.


Influencer marketing isn’t just about celebrity status or massive followings; it’s about genuine connection and impact. Dana’s expertise will show us that being an influencer isn’t reserved for a select few—it’s accessible to everyone. Regardless of your technical skills or experience level, you have the potential to become a natural influencer.


Throughout this episode, we’ll debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding influencers. We’ll explore how authenticity, passion, and consistency are the real keys to success in the influencer world. By the time we’re done, you’ll be inspired and empowered to tackle Social Media with new found confidence.


Dana shares a wealth of knowledge that will transform your approach to Social Media. Get ready to redefine what it means to be an ‘influencer’, learn how to make the most of the following you have, and discover the true essence of the concept of ‘influence’.




We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction

➡ [2:47] Knowing Dana Fortune

➡ [5:38] The power of influencers 

➡ [8:06] What is an influencer

➡ [11:26] Your influence amongst your followers

➡ [16:31] Be more genuine

➡ [22:56 You don’t need to be tech savvy

➡ [25:53] You can keep your profile private

➡ [29:58] The year of community

➡ [31:41] Top 3 tips for being a natural influencer on Social Media

➡ [35:18] Going back to what Instagram does best

➡ [37:07] Being authentic is powerful

➡ [40:59] Generate curiosity

➡ [45:24] Tips on how to up your Social Media game

➡ [48:51] Dana recommends this book 

➡ [50:54] Dana’s dream superpower

➡ [51:27] Dana’s favourite quote

➡ [52:20] Dana’s advice to her past self




About our guest:

Dana Fortune is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales Initiatives at 4Life Research. Dana leads a team of nine digital marketers and oversees 4Life’s Social Media platforms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, Learning Management Systems (LMS), web maintenance, and blog and app content. 


Originally from Branchburg, New Jersey, Dana graduated from The University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Communications. She has a unique passion for empowering salespeople on digital platforms.


In her free time, Dana enjoys spending time with her husband, Luke, and their young son, Lennon.




➡ Book Recommendation – Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller:  https://bit.ly/3kuZ5uN



“I’d rather say ‘Oh, well’…’than what if?’”


Connect with Dana:

➡ Dana Fortune Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dana.fortune.186/ 

➡ Dana Fortune  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dana-fortune/

➡ 4Life website: https://www.4life.com

➡ 4Life Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4life 

➡ 4Life Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/4life


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