Podcast Debate: Is The Party Dead? With Jodi Crater, Peter Verdegem and Kelly Whittle | Episode 211

Is the in-home party dead? 


Join me for a fascinating debate as we explore the question ‘are parties still relevant in the Direct Selling industry?’ with three industry experts: Jodi Crater from Lemongrass Spa, Peter Verdegem with an extensive background in Network Marketing and party planning, and Kelly Whittle from Postie Fashions! 


Listen in as our very special guests share their opinions and beliefs on this hot topic, stemming from extensive experiences with almost a combined century of substantial industry successes! While there’s no arguing that in-home parties can still create valuable personal connections, there’s also no denying that the industry needs to adapt these parties to include online strategies – raising the question, is there any unique value in face-to-face interactions that online can’t replicate?


Let’s hear what our industry superstars have to say! 


While in-home parties aren’t dead, their role is evolving. They might not be the main focus anymore, but how can we integrate them with more modern digital approaches to make the most of the potential they still offer? If you’re in Direct Selling or considering it, this episode offers valuable insights on balancing traditional methods with new strategies. Tune in! 



We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction 

➡ [4:14] Welcoming our guests; Jodi Crater, Peter Verdegem and Kelly Whittle

➡ [6:10] Hot topic: In home parties with Jodi Crater

➡ [7:51] The shift in Party Plan business with Peter Verdegem

➡ [11:00] Kelly Whittle’s take on in home parties

➡ [12:30] Terminology for different demographics    

➡ [17:16] A study between online events vs face-to-face

➡ [20:43] Effects of old school impressions 

➡ [23:14] Are people being oversold?  

➡ [25:41] Mixing it up

➡ [27:29] Where do distributors find success: in-home, face-to-face or both?

➡ [35:31] Controversial influencer marketing

➡ [38:24] Putting everything on the table

➡ [43:21 Host gifts: Yay or Nay?

➡ [47:07 ] Attracting younger generations

➡ [52:40 General consensus

➡ [55:50] Final thoughts from Jodi, Peter and Kelly





About our guests:

Jodi Crater
With decades of Direct Selling and personal care experience, Jodi has achieved top-level positions in the field with two different Direct Selling companies and held corporate positions such as Director of Sales & Marketing, VP of Field Development & Training, VP of Skincare, and President. Outside the United States, she has launched product lines and trained the independent consultants in Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, and Russia. Along with her field and corporate positions, Jodi has consulted for over a dozen Direct Selling companies, direct-to-consumer brands, and contract manufacturers specializing in personal care products. Jodi resides in Traverse City, Michigan with her husband Dave, their two Chihuahuas, and a crazy cat. She enjoys time with her three grown children, working on her gardens, and squeezing in hot yoga when she can.


Peter Verdegem
Peter’s career in Network Marketing started after he finished his Ph.D. in university, when he joined a large nutritional Company in the Netherlands where Peter developed a number of nutritional supplements that are still on the market today.

When their Network Marketing division was divested, Peter joined them as the Chief Science Officer in Utah, USA. He developed products, trained the field on them, and finished his MBA at BYU to fine-tune his business management skills.

Peter always knew his true passion was in the management of Network Marketing companies, and has been serving a number of small and large Direct Sales companies in various parts of the world in Managing Director, Sales and Marketing roles. Peter’s most prominent USP is that he contributes to the MLM companies with a strong Direct Sales business acumen, and at the same time, by bringing product credibility to the table.


Kelly Whittle
With over 27 years in the Direct Selling industry, including 18 years in a corporate role, Kelly is a dedicated professional known for her positive approach and passion for business and sales. Her expertise lies in inspiring and guiding individuals, teams, and managers to grow their businesses. She achieves this through focused training and development, empowerment, recognition, and always prioritising customer needs.
Kelly’s philosophy is that this industry revolves around building meaningful relationships, earning trust, deeply understanding the needs of our customers and offering a service that supports them, as well as empowering individuals. Witnessing Consultants evolve into successful entrepreneurs and reap rewards from their efforts brings her immense satisfaction.


Connect with Jodi Crater:
➡ LeongrassSpa’s Website: http://www.LemongrassSpa.com
➡ Jodi Crater’s Facebook: facebook.com/jodimesrobiansoper
➡ Jodi Crater’s X: Jodi Mesrobian Crater (@jodimsoper)
➡ Jodi Crater’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jodicrater


Connect with Peter Verdegem:

➡ Peter Verdegem’s Website: peterverdegem.com
➡ Peter Verdegem’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peter.verdegem.5/
➡ Peter Verdegem’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterverdegem/


Connect with Kelly Whittle:
➡ Postie Fashion’s Website: https://postie.com.au/
➡ Postie Fashion’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/postiesocialstyling/
➡ Kelly Whittle’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kelly-whittle


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