Three things you should never automate | Episode 212

Recently, especially in the last 12 to 18 months, I’ve noticed a big shift in how we work and connect. We’re all craving more human interaction and genuine connections, but with the incredible AI tools and other technologies at our fingertips, how do we balance productivity and authenticity? Are we losing the connections people crave in order to simply save time?


While we all value increasing our capacity, opening the door to new ideas and the welcome streamlining of tasks in an ever-busy world, are we losing something important in our connections with others through our search to save our own time? Will the content you’re producing and the interactions you’re having build meaningful relationships or are they losing your personality as your workload is automated?


In today’s power podcast episode, I want to talk about three things we should never automate and why it’s so important. As we adapt to any technological changes, it’s essential to find balance. We all want results and to preserve the precious time we have but let’s also not lose sight of maintaining those personal touches that make our connections special.


Let’s explore how we can use the latest tools at our fingertips effectively without losing what makes our interactions truly meaningful.





We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction 

➡ [1:50] Automating and mass producing your content 

➡ [2:55] Content that is effective is… 

➡ [4:16] My recommendation

➡ [4:55] Never automate your captions 

➡ [6:09] Insert your personality

➡ [8:22] Automated Messenger responses

➡ [9:39] Marked as “responded to” which means… 

➡ [11:29] Is automating worth it?




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