3 ChatGPT prompts that will revolutionise your Social Media | Episode 209

I’m excited to share three power-packed tips to leverage AI for your Social Media content. But first, let’s address the elephant in the room – AI. It’s everywhere, right? Like a newborn baby popping up in your Facebook feed every minute. The sudden change and massive presence can be overwhelming, to say the least. But fear not, I’ve got a little analogy to help us navigate this AI frenzy.


Imagine AI as this constantly evolving, newborn baby, and then picture a humble hammer. Now, you wouldn’t use a newborn baby to build a house, nor would you cradle a hammer. It’s all about matching the tool to the task at hand. Just as you wouldn’t expect a hammer to provide the warmth and care a baby needs, you can’t expect every iteration of AI to suit your specific Social Media needs.


So, let’s approach AI like a seasoned craftsman. We don’t need to embrace every new version that hits the market; instead, we need to understand which tool best aligns with our goals. It’s about being discerning in our choices, understanding the strengths and limitations of each tool in our arsenal.


Sure, AI is flashy, and it’s tempting to jump on every new trend, but let’s not forget the fundamentals: authenticity and connection! These are the true foundations of effective Social Media engagement. So, while AI can certainly enhance our efforts, let’s not lose sight of what truly matters: meaningful interactions with our audience.


Let’s apply AI like the experts we are – thoughtfully, purposefully, and always with our audience in mind. After all, it’s not just about keeping up with the latest trends; it’s about building genuine connections that stand the test of time.





We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction 

➡ [1:50] Hammer analogy  

➡ [3:12] AI is… 

➡ [5:03] An amazing tool 

➡ [8:07] Be very careful when using AI

➡ [11:01] A little reminder

➡ [11:44] Using AI for content ideas 

➡ [12:57] Sample prompt #1 for your Social Media content

➡ [14:12] Sample prompt #2 for your videos or reels

➡ [16:15] Sample prompt #3 for your content creation ideas

➡ [17:26] Simple tweaks to make it more interesting and fun




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