Dating 101 – Part three, how to get to second base (how to turn a lead into a sale) | Episode 182

In the third instalment of ‘Dating 101,’ we dive into the art of cultivating relationships with your target customers on Social Media. Just like in dating, it’s all about taking it step by step — imagine going from a simple “hello, how are you” to immediately asking, “will you marry me?” That’s quite the jump!

In this episode, we’re drawing parallels between dating and business relationships to stress the importance of gradual progress. We want to create sustainable, long-term relationships with our ideal customers. It’s like dating — establishing a strong foundation before moving forward.

Our focus will be on taking the relationship to the next level, akin to reaching ‘second base.’ Envision this as the shift from initial interactions to meaningful conversations about our products or business opportunities. We seek to engage in appropriate discussions that naturally propel our business endeavours.

Just as you wouldn’t propose on the first date, in business, we strive to establish trust and rapport before making a substantial request. It’s about understanding each other’s needs and interests. We’ll guide you on transitioning from surface-level engagement to discussing your offerings in a way that benefits both you and your potential customers.

Stay tuned as we share insights on how to smoothly advance these relationships, transforming leads into sales. It’s all about adopting the right approach and timing to expand your business while nurturing meaningful connections. So, relax and join us in elevating these relationships together.


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [2:17] 4 dating tips

[3:46] Tip #1: A to Z technique

[4:46] Genuine reach outs

➡ [5:29] Tip #2: Using voice notes

[8:31] Tip# 3: Tailor fit your offering or product

[9:02] Take notes

[11:14] Tip #4: Have a nurture sequence

[12:55] One of my favourite topics I like to talk about is…   

[13:21] Wrapping up dating 101, the power podcast trio





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