Social Media Tips and Trends with Scott Kramer | Episode 114

In this episode we catch up with Scott Kramer, the brain behind Multibrain – a Social Media scheduling platform which serves the Direct Selling industry. We pick his clever mind, talking tips and trends for Social Media and technology in Direct Selling.


The internet gave everybody a voice, leveling the playing field. It is the first medium that promotes interactive communication between company and audience. Our challenge now is to catch the interest of that consumer audience while their attention span is shrinking.


It is easy to over rely on all the technology available, forgetting to build a relationship and create conversations. Automations or an ‘old school’ type of broadcast marketing don’t work on two-way communication media, such as Social Media platforms like Facebook.


We know that you are  going to love meeting Scott as much as we did. Scott shares with us knowledge and advice that can be practiced no matter your level of technical abilities! Get ready to take notes and enjoy the episode.

We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [3:19] From media and entertainment to Direct Selling

➡ [6:09] Technology as a common thread between Direct Selling and other industries

➡ [8:17] Trends coming in the next few years

➡ [10:38] Fear of posting on Social Media 

➡ [13:46] People buy from people methodology

➡ [15:40] Wondering why less and less people are buying my product

➡ [19:27] A run down of what Multibrain is 

➡ [23:33] Social Media as marketing tool

➡ [28:29] What lies ahead with Facebook

➡ [22:05] Personal profile vs groups vs business pages for Direct Sellers

➡ [36:05] TikTok in Direct Selling 

➡ [39:20] Creating curiosity and intrigue

➡ [45:11] 3 tips to grow your business on Social Media

➡ [48:12] What’s up ahead with Scott Kramer

➡ [48:49] 2 books that Scott recommends

➡ [54:17] Scott’s choice of superpower

➡ [54:56] Scott’s favourite quote

➡ [55:26] Scott’s advice to his past self



➡ Scott’s Book Recommendation: Fix It with Food by Michael Simon
➡ Scott’s Book Recommendation: Trust Agents: Using the Web, to Build Influence, Build Reputation and Earn Trust by Chris Brogan 


About Scott Kramer:

Scott Kramer is a media and entertainment veteran who’s credits run the game of television, film, digital, publishing and large-scale live events. Kramer currently serves as Chief Brain at Multibrain. Multibrain is an award winning software digital agency whose Social Media software products power over 300,000 entrepreneurs worldwide, with some of the top Direct Selling brands in the World. Kramer is also a popular keynote speaker and expert on the topic of Social Selling.

Prior to the launch of Multibrain, Kramer was the Senior Vice President of Integrated Media for IMG Worldwide. As Head of Global Brand Partnerships, he directed sales, marketing and development staff in the US and UK, overseeing revenues across entertainment, digital and sports media.


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