What stops you achieving your goals and how to change it with Keith Abraham | Episode 113

We are excited to welcome back Keith Abraham. This amazing man is a special friend, an inspiration to thousands of people and a best selling author. From the moment Keith heard about goal setting he fell in love with it, and turned passion into profession.


Today’s episode is about exploring and discovering our goal drivers, learning not just how to set goals but to achieve them. Are you a leader who wants to better lead your team? Perhaps you’re an individual who struggles to find answers, wondering why some people achieve their goals and others don’t? Tune in as Keith shares his tool to help you determine your goal drivers and overcome your limiting beliefs.  


Keith knows the ins and outs of Direct selling, he has been working with industry leaders for 25 years! The founder of Passionate Performance, Keith helps people achieve their goals and take their business to a whole new level.


Be ready to take notes, there’s lots of new things to discover in this episode… Tune in and enjoy! 

We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [2:47] 25 years of helping direct selling leaders

➡ [5:36] Achieving your goals

➡ [9:52] Dream big dreams

➡ [14:09] Diagnostic tool that will help your business 

➡ [18:26] Sam discovers how accurate the tool is

➡ [22:05] Wishing that I came with a manual

➡ [22:50] Get your own FREE Goal Driver Snapshot report 

➡ [27:01] Invest in your own competitive advantage to yourself

➡ [32:50] Know your Yin and Yang



About Our Guest: 

Keith Abraham is a world-renowned professional speaker on goal achievement, and a best-selling author of six books published in 12 languages. He has delivered to an audience of over 1.6 million people across 33 different countries worldwide. Keith is the recipient of multiple awards throughout his career including the Nevin Award in 2002, the highest award given to a Professional Speaker, and was named Keynote Speaker of the Year in 2012. 


➡ Go to https://mygoaldriver.com/?ec=auxanovip to access free Goal Driver Snapshot
➡ Scan the QR code below for to access Free goal Driver Snapshot 


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