Changemakers in Direct Selling with Gordon Hester | Episode 112

Have you grown with the industry or are you stuck doing what you’ve always done? 


In this episode we sit down with Gordon Hester, a proven industry leader, changemaker and influencer with over 30 Network Marketing companies globally.


As a leader of change Gordon ensures the industry evolves as it needs to with his consulting; primarily around modernisation, helping companies reimage their operations. His customer centric approach is refreshing, offering key relationship principles around Trust, Care & Help. 


He’s a big believer in tools and systems however he says ‘personalisation is crucial’. 


We also discuss Direct Selling guidelines and managing risk as the industry continues to progress. So get ready to take notes and don’t forget to subscribe for everything coming up next! 



Favourite Quote:

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them” – Steve Maraboli


We’ll be talking about:

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [2:37] 30 years in Direct Selling

➡ [6:47] Staying with the industry

➡ [11:12] Direct Selling industry is evolving

➡ [13:34] The ‘Figital Movement’

➡ [15:03] Pitfalls of embracing technologies

➡ [17:44] Compliance and teaching compliance

➡ [21:35] Impact of compliance regulations to Direct Sellers

➡ [24:58] Consequences of breaching social media rules

➡ [28:44] Training people the right way

➡ [30:56] Systems and processes

➡ [33:50] Building your own personal brand

➡ [40:40] Recruiting vs Attraction 

➡ [41:58] Network marketing is a brand within a brand

➡ [44:33] Using technology to make systems and processes simple

➡ [47:29] Use tools and platforms with caution

➡ [52:20] Gordon’s favourite book

➡ [54:10] Gordon’s choice of superpower

➡ [55:04] Gordon’s favourite quote

➡ [55:55] Gordon will say this to his past self




About our Guest: 

Gordon’s area of expertise is with direct selling businesses that use an independent contractor entrepreneurial model to market products and services to a large global customer base. Today, much of his time is spent helping companies evolve their businesses to ensure they are relevant and competitive in a business environment driven by customers, technology and data.

His 30+ years in Direct Selling has uniquely prepared him to be a transformative change agent. He has extensive experience with field leaders and has coached successful Direct Selling entrepreneurs in many global markets. Much of Gordon’s work since 2016 has been focused on modernization initiatives. Today, the speed and magnitude of change is forcing companies to transform all areas of their business.

Gordon’s technology company, Shapetech Solutions, LLC, has enabled him to help companies with innovative technology solutions focused on strengthening their business both operationally and with their independent salesforce. Today, that is the core focus of both his consulting and technology business.


Fulfillment by Dr. Martin Seligman Book: https://amzn.to/3MVemhd 


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