Build Trust and Provide Value Through Online Community with Steve and Mandy | Episode 115

“If there’s one thing that Direct Sellers need to master it’s Social Media.”

Our industry is growing in a way that we’ve never seen before! Steve and Mandy walk us through key tools and examples on how we can continue to grow, while using our time wisely. They discuss how we can build strong communities online that benefit not only our businesses but our home life too. 


It all comes down to what we believe, how we approach people and… systems! 


Who is Mandy Mitchell?

Like many of us Mandy, a Mum with responsibilities, feared growing a successful business. Conquering those fears, Mandy not only reached business success but now also teaches Social Media with a passion for growing online communities.


Who is Steve Wiltshire?

Steve has been an entrepreneur since he was 17 years old! He’s now an International trainer focusing on mindset in the Direct Selling, MLM and Party Planner industry. He loves to train and develop Top leaders in these industries. 

Grab your pen, paper & stay till the end to hear about your free gift.


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [6:28] Steve’s journey in direct selling

➡ [11:09 Adapting your business during the pandemic

➡ [14:52] Mandy shares her journey in direct selling

➡ [19:29] Knowing your number 1 goal and outcome in your business

➡ [23:57] Every direct seller needs to master…

➡ [22:30] What works with direct selling companies

[36:54] Building a thriving online community

[42:01] Online community vs VIP groups 

[48:57 Find out Steve and Mandy’s free gift 

[52:37] Steve and Mandy’s book recommendations 

[36:37] Steve and Mandy’s ideal superpower and their favourite quote’s

[1:05:19] What would Steve and Mandy say to their past selves?



➡ Mandy’s Book Recommendation: Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John C. Maxwell
➡ Steve’s Book Recommendation: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

➡ Free Gift (webinar that covers 5 key areas of growing on social media): yoursocialmediablueprint.com 


About Steve and Mandy:

Steve Wiltshire has been an entrepreneur since he has been 17 years old. Steve held over 5,000 events in his career, promoted over 400 leaders, and went on to build a 19 million-dollar-a-year organization in MLM. Steve is a Success Trainer, Author, and Coach specializing in Multi-Level Marketing and Direct Sales. Steve is the Founder of Lifeline Coaching & Education and is best known for his Million Dollar Protégé Leadership Program that has impacted the lives of thousands of leaders around the globe.


Mandy Mitchell started her business over a decade ago with the intent to work her business around her family. As a natural introvert, Mandy wasn’t sure MLM was the right fit for her. She quickly realized she loved the industry and was passionate about helping others create their ideal lives personally and professionally. Mandy’s passion grew into creating systems to maximize social media as a platform to create an ideal business and grow her network. Through her journey, Mandy has developed a very successful business model that has resulted in retention, longevity, and countless promotions on her team. Mandy has brought her expertise, tried and true philosophy, and systems globally to coach, train and mentor Multi-Level Marketers on how to achieve their ideal life, business, and balance.


Connect with Steve and Mandy

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➡ Steve’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SteveWiltshireLifeline

➡ Lifeline Coaching & Education: https://directsales101training.com/ 


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