Mastering Reels with the Reel Masters Andrew and Tamlyn | Episode 116

What if reels could open the door for you? More opportunities, more conversations.. more sales!


Say hello to this hilarious husband & wife duo Andrew and Tamlyn! These online sensations will be sharing their reel journey with you today and how they have mastered the art of being themselves. 


We’ll talk about dropping attention spans, the importance of video vs static, avoiding the trap of comparison, building relationships, finding what works for you AND having fun with it!


Andrew and Tamlyn (Tamdrew) have a combined 10 years in Network Marketing and are the National Vice Presidents of Arbonne International. Tamlyn was a professional dancer, travelling the world on a luxury cruise ship where she met her husband Andrew. After Tamlyn’s career ended abruptly they found themselves in Australia with absolutely no network. Adjustment after ‘cruise ship life’ didn’t come easy and they weren’t content with trading time for money so they dove into the Direct Selling industry.


Listen in as they share reel Do’s and Don’ts, the art of attracting new people and how humour is key!


Favourite Quote’s:

Tamlyn: “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle” / Andrew: “If not now, then when?”


We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[03:34] Most enjoyable part of doing reels

➡ [05:43] Getting to know Andrew and Tamlyn

[12:17] Tamlyn’s realisation to go all-in with Direct Selling

[17:24] A man working in a woman’s world

➡ [23:00] Thinking of doing a partnership with Direct Selling

[25:13] Transitioning “belly to belly’ into reels

[27:12] Moving from TikTok to Instagram and Facebook reels

[30:23] Reels vs standard feed post or video content

[34:21] Should you utilise reels in your Direct Selling business?

➡ [35:51] Using reels to create intrigue and curiosity without selling

➡ [39:50] Top tips for doing reels from THE reel masters

➡ [46:08] Reels Do’s and Don’ts

➡ [50:39] Why you need a ‘hook’ and how to put them in your reels

[51:52] Check out Andrew and Tamlyn’s Instagram accounts

[52:38] Who doesn’t want freebies?

[53:38] What lies ahead for Andrew and Tamlyn

[55:45] All you need are people who know, like and trust you

[58:29] Andrew and Tamlyn’s favourite books

[59:17] Ideal superpowers for Andrew and Tamlyn




For your “FREE” bio cheat sheet, click the link: https://bit.ly/freebiocheatsheet

➡ Andrew’s Book Recommendation: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen

➡ Tamlyn’s Book Recommendation: The Power of Five by John C. Maxwell


About Andrew and Tamlyn:

We are Tamlyn and Andrew Samuel… a husband and wife team!

I (Tamlyn) was a professional dancer In London’s Westend and on luxury cruises. Whilst performing I met my Aussie man Andrew, we emigrated to Australia to start our family, resulting in a gorgeous son Ethan who’s 10 and a cheeky Cavoodle named Chewy. We live in sunny Noosa, Queensland and together as a partnership built to the level of National Vice President with Arbonne International.

We hit a wall with Social Media, it became something we knew we had to do, but didn’t enjoy doing. We were pretty lost to be honest… and were fed up trying to keep up with the high-flyers.

So we made a decision that enough was enough and we became totally invested in learning everything we needed to know to grow our knowledge on Social Media.

What happened in the process, is that we started to enjoy ourselves again, we started having fun, it was no longer a chore because we were connecting with our ideal audience. We stopped chasing the followers and realised that what mattered most was connection, the numbers do not determine your success, but instead the relationship does.

We have learnt so much of what to do and what not to do and this is where “Tamdrewsocial” was born. Our mission is to bring fun back to your Social Media, arm you with the tools you need to succeed and to have you wake up excited about who you can connect with today because you are showing up as your true authentic self! 


Connect with Andrew and Tamlyn:

Tamlyn & Andrew’s Instagram: @tamdrewsocial

➡ Tamlyn’s Instagram: @tamlynsamuel 

➡ Tamlyn & Andrew’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tamdrewsocial

➡ Tamlyn & Andrew’s Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tamdrewsocial

➡ Tamlyn & Andrew’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TamlynAndrewSamueltamdrewsocial 


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