Why Virtual Parties Aren’t Working with Sam Hind | Episode 117

We’ve seen BIG changes in the Direct Selling industry and we’ve fallen into some interesting habits… Perhaps we’ve over complicated things?


Trust your own instincts again, believe that YOU are an expert. Be proud that you have implemented amazing technologies BUT remember as a great leader, sometimes we need to go back and relearn.

Join Sam as we get back to the core fundamentals, focusing on the basics that are often overlooked. We’ll talk habits to avoid, tips to take on board and tricks to try for yourself! We’ll also ask the important question – are virtual parties and events old news? 


Starting in the Direct Selling industry at just 14, Sam has seen a lot of changes! She shares with us her wisdom around building a hybrid business, balancing face to face with online. Sam also covers the importance of host training, personalisation, showing up live, being yourself and building relationships first. 


Grab your favourite drink, get comfy and listen in – we don’t want you to miss a thing! 

We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[1:07] Virtual parties still work

[2:00 ] Building a hybrid business

[2:36  ] Thinking about your recipe

[5:56] Take on what you feel is the right fit for you

➡ [7:18] Going back to the basics

[11:40] How important is host training 

[14:25] Personalise things 

[16:26] You are what your audience wants and are buying

[17:49] Everything that is now easy for you was once hard

[18:33] Showing up live is key

➡ [20:38] Building the relationship first 

➡ [22:50] Last few words from Sam

➡ [23:16] What’s up next with Sam




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