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3 Ways to Add Value Instantly | Episode 146

In this episode I get to share with you one of my favourite topics – adding value! One of my favourite things is to teach people how to provide value and the impact that it can have on both those they give to and their business! 


So how do you show up on Social Media in a way that adds value to your ideal customer? Sit tight for this super quick episode as we explore how.


The fact is, success comes best from putting the customer first. We often see people posting on Social Media about what they want, with a self-focus. It’s typical of business posting to ask, not give, and to focus on pushing their agenda first… So how do you differentiate yourself on Social Media (while still growing your business)?


You don’t have to run giveaways or provide discounts. Let me share with you 3 hot tips, 3 easy ways to provide value instantly – online or offline. Tune in for super simple ways to help your customer know that they matter to you.

We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

[3:38] Tip #1: common values, interests and challenges

[3:54] 2 golden questions to answer

[3:40] Resonate with your audience by….

[6:09] Converting into conversation points

[7:08] Tip #2: Lead magnets, the right way

➡ [9:05] Important lead magnet notes

[9:23] FREE lead magnets for you, listen in 

[10:24] Tip #3: relate, entertain and acknowledge

[11:55] Release those happy hormones

[14:45] Bonus tip: love languages

[16:23] Give a gift of compliments or encouragement

➡ [16:42] Simple gifts such as hand written cards

[17:59] Try doing un-gifting

[19:27] Check out our free Facebook group


➡ Free Facebook group: https://go.auxano.global/free-facebook-group-access

➡ 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman: https://bit.ly/3Galg1n

FREE Lead magnet:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HvVwDQv4Ja1e_z78apWIdJ-sXkx7WUHD?usp=share_link


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