Give in – don’t give up, how to thrive and not just survive with Rob Swymer | Episode 145

It’s a huge honour to have such an amazing and inspirational guest join the podcast this week in Rob Swymer.  This episode takes a little bit of a different twist. This week we’re stepping slightly outside of the topics we usually explore.


I want to stop here with an important reminder heading into this episode: it’s okay to not be okay but don’t give up. Give in to help, to being vulnerable. Vulnerability is real, it is a strength. It’s okay to be who you are, in the place you are in…. Sometimes strength is acknowledging that you need help.


We’ve hit the end of another BIG year and now is an important time to remind you to fill your cup, do what makes your soul sing. Do something physical that you enjoy, take a moment to savour those special relationships, take care of YOU. 


Rob joins us to share his growth mindset that drives his core principles: continuous learning, always improving and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. He will share with us some super powerful messages around mindset and thriving in both business and life.


Extremely passionate and exceptional at communication, Rob has more than 40 years of sales experience, with a deep knowledge of building sales teams from the ground up while hitting revenue targets, and strong personal and professional networks. 


Tune into this powerful episode and remember that if you or someone you know needs support, there is help available. Find some useful resources below.

We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [00:00] Introduction

➡ [04:35] Rob’s experience with studio live audience with Tony Robbins

➡ [06:35] A little back story of Rob Swymer

➡ [10:08] It’s ok not to be ok

➡ [11:27] Surrender to adversity

➡ [14:00] Give and not get 

➡ [15:57] Awareness of mental health 

➡ [18:19] Vulnerability is authentic

➡ [23:18] Seek help in any shape or form

➡ [25:53] Encouraging men in our lives to be vulnerable 

➡ [32:07] Being thankful for the adversity

➡ [34:36] Finding our purpose

➡ [37:26] Clues and signs  that someone is in need of help

➡ [41:11] Being in-tune with other’s energy

➡ [42:32] Build trust through vulnerability 

➡ [44:19] Share your story

➡ [46:48] Rob’s favourite book

➡ [49:36] Rob’s dream superpower 

➡ [50:22] Rob’s favourite quote

➡ [50:41] Rob’s advice to his past self

➡ [51:36] Connect with Rob Swymer


Resources – Mental Health: 

➡ Mental Health Helplines Australia: Health Direct
➡ Mental Health Helplines USA: National Mental Health Hotline
United for Global Mental Health



➡ Surrender to Your Adversity by Rob Swymer: https://amzn.to/3uZag0n

➡ The Attributes by Ritch Diviney:  https://bit.ly/3V91rMd


About our Guest:

A native of Boston, Rob married his first wife Bonnie at the age of 21 during the summer of his college junior year. Together, they had 3 children. In 1994, Rob and Bonnie moved from Boston and headed to Atlanta where they raised their children and built a great life together.

In 2013, Rob lost Bonnie to a massive brain aneurysm. He learned that all the adversity in his life prior had given him the strength to endure the loss of a loved one. In 2016, Rob was blessed to find love again and is now married to Melissa. Together they have a blended family of 5 children and four beautiful grandchildren. Rob and Melissa currently live in Ponte Vedra, Florida and enjoy spending time together with their children and grandchildren, listening to live music, travelling, sports and the beach life.


Connect with Rob:

➡ Rob Swymer’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rob.swymer

➡ Rob Swymer’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-swymer-he-him-15a1541/

➡ Rob Swymer’s website: https://www.robswymer.com

➡ Rob Swymer’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robswymer/


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