How to be more resilient with Stacey Copas | Episode 147

What impact does the way we think have on the way we act, react and ‘the way things simply are’…. AND what changes could we then create if we could adjust the way we think?


What if we could change the way we think to see obstacles as opportunity, and where problems arise, see them instead as possibilities? 


Let’s stop asking ‘what if’ and start exploring those changes we CAN make. I’m so honoured and blessed to have Stacey Copas, dubbed as ‘Queen of Resilience’ join us in this episode as we explore resilience, perspective and being in the moment. 


A truly inspiring person, Stacey has used her life experience and personal philosophies to work with individuals and organisations who want themselves and their people to be more engaged, resilient and productive so that they can grow through uncertainty and change. A keynote speaker, author and coach that has never been deterred from succeeding, Stacey helps people shift their perspective and uses a framework that she reverse engineered to turn things around when things don’t go to plan.


Tune into this episode as Stacey helps us to alter the way we think; differentiating perseverance and resilience, discussing perspective and personal responsibility as tools to overcome challenges, gratitude as a tool for building resilience, and the power of bringing ourselves back into the moment.

We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [00:00] Introduction

➡ [04:00] A short story about Stacey

➡ [13:20] Resilience is… 

➡ [10:08] Being grateful and being resilient

➡ [16:59] Finding a way to be grateful

➡ [22:13] The peeling an onion experience

➡ [23:35] How we describe the situation is how we experience the situation 

➡ [28:02] Personal responsibility

➡ [32:48] Learning how to be grateful in difficult times

➡ [37:26] Just feel it, in that moment 

➡ [39:57] Are you resilient?

➡ [42:38] Try this out

➡ [49:01] Supporting loved ones

➡ [52:44] Connect with Stacey

➡ [53:57] Stacey’s favourite book

➡ [55:30] Stacey’s dream superpower 

➡ [57:20] Stacey’s favourite quote

➡ [57:49] Stacey’s advice to her past self

➡ [1:00:13] Final thoughts 



➡ The Relationship Fix by  Dr. Jenn Mann: https://bit.ly/3HRvXau

➡ Think and Grow Rich by  Dr. Napoleon HIll: https://bit.ly/3VdTRjr


About our Guest:

Stacey Copas, Author of “How To Be Resilient”, is a must have resource for any organisation wanting to help their people transition from the pandemic to the new economy and new way of living. Stacey has worked with large organisations such as Flight Centre, GM Holden and Viacom, helping their people to be more engaged, resilient and productive so that they can grow through uncertainty and change. Stacey has also been featured in national media including ABC, Financial Review and The Australian for her insights on resilience in the workplace.


With a “say yes and figure out how later” approach to life, Stacey has achieved some remarkable feats including starring in a movie with no acting experience, volunteering in Solomon Islands, competing at a national level in para-athletics after 22 years on the sidelines and running for parliament. In her spare time you are likely to find Stacey in the nearest patch of sunshine with a book recharging her solar powers.


Connect with Stacey:

➡ Stacey Copas Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stacey.copas

➡ Stacey Copass LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/staceycopas/

➡ Stacey Copas website:  www.howtoberesilient.com

➡ Stacey Copas Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/staceycopas/?hl=en


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