Why Facebook Isn’t Working | Episode 001

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It can be very frustrating for a business owner, one so passionate and so invested in their business, to find that after doing everything on social media, nothing is working. If you want to get to the bottom of what’s going on, we have to go behind the scenes and look at the Facebook algorithm.

In our first episode, Sam Hind talks about the business of Facebook, how the social media giant adopted a program that analyses user behaviour, how it affects the ability of businesses to reach new customers, and what businesses can do to work around it. Whether you’re a first-time direct seller or an experienced business owner, this episode is for you.

We’ll be talking about:

⇢ How the Facebook Algorithm Works [02:47]
⇢ How To Trick or Reprogram the Algorithm [04:51]
⇢ Three Top Tips To Make Facebook Work For You [5:59]
⇢ Identifying Your Target Customer [6:29]
⇢ Two Things You Need To Know About Your Customer [9:12]
⇢ The Value of Providing Value [11:08]

Social media doesn’t have to be complicated, but don’t just copy what everyone else is doing.

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