Facebook vs Instagram – Which one should you be using? | Episode 002

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Facebook or Instagram. They’re both owned by the same company, but that doesn’t mean you should make posts that are exactly the same for each platform. It’s important to know how each one differs from the other so that an effective social media strategy can be implemented. 

In this episode, Sam Hind talks about the differences between Facebook and Instagram, how each of them operates differently including the little idiosyncrasies that come up because of that and the strategies you need to implement when creating posts for each platform. 

As a direct-selling business owner, you’d want to use social media effectively to reach your customer in the best way possible. If you’re someone struggling to promote your company on Facebook or Instagram, then this episode is perfect for you!

We’ll be talking about:

⇢ How Are Facebook and Instagram Different From Each Other [02:46]
Age and usage differences across Facebook and Instagram [07:49]
How To Use Each Platform Well [11:25]
Tips When Using Both Platforms Simultaneously [15:23]
Question To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Platform [20:32]

Choosing the right platform and knowing how to use it well can be beneficial to any business. Just remember to always come back to one thing and that is to provide value.

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