Facebook and the Coronavirus – Thriving in uncertain times | Episode 003

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The coronavirus has dramatically affected businesses all over the world. We’re seeing the closure of schools and businesses, and fear and panic surrounding all of us. We’re all sick and tired of hearing about it, but this is the current situation we’re in. But as direct sellers, we have the unique opportunity to bring joy and give people what they really need at this time. 

In this episode, Sam Hind talks about the opportunities we can grab hold of to serve our customers better. While there are difficulties, there are many ways we can adjust and deliver value to our communities.

We can turn things around for many people during this unhappy time. If you’re a direct seller wondering how to navigate and rise up during this crisis, then tune in to this episode now!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. The opportunity to give people what they need [00:36]
  2. Providing delivery to your door with unmatched service [02:52]
  3. Embracing social media or online marketing [03:57]
  4. Presenting direct selling as supplementary income [06:31]
  5. Building relationships and connecting through social media [10:59]

Promote joy and positive thinking. Think of this as an opportunity not for profiteering but for providing undeniable value and service. 

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