Why your Avatar is the key to bringing you joy in business | Episode 004

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When you serve everyone, you serve no one. That’s a difficult lesson that most businesses need to learn. As much as we want to cater to every customer that walks through our doors, we only have limited time and resources. If you spread yourself too thin, you’ll only get exhausted. At some point, you start to ask yourself why you’re doing this, and whether you’re still providing value. If you truly want to build a rewarding business, then it is absolutely necessary for you to identify your avatar or ideal client. Luckily, we are going to do just that.  

In this episode, Sam Hind explains the importance of identifying your ideal client or avatar. She talks about how work becomes more joyful and rewarding when working with people you resonate with. Sam goes over how you can identify your perfect customer, the things you should know about them, and how you can get to know them better. As a direct seller, your perfect customer is a key part of being successful in social media and in your business, so find out who they are now by tuning in to this episode.

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Why Not Every Client Is the Right Client  [01:20]
  2. Applying The 80/20 Rule to Direct Selling [05:35]
  3. Identifying What Makes Your Ideal Client Tick [5:59]
  4. Answering the Two Questions About Your Ideal Client [14:12]
  5. Finding Information About Your Perfect Customer [16:11]
  6. What About Having More Than One Ideal Customer [18:21]

When you know who your avatar is, managing your social media and creating your content gets so much easier.

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