What I’ve Learned This Year About Being a Mum, Woman… Human| Episode 027

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This episode is a raw reflection of myself as a parent, woman, and business owner in 2020. As we are approaching RUOK Day I want to ask the tough question… are YOU Ok?

This episode goes out to all the mums who are feeling tired trying to balance personal expectations, work and life, to the dads who are so caught up trying to be tough and keeping it all together, and to everyone who just needs to know … it’s Ok to not be OK.

Let’s all take a deep breath, love each other and have a laugh together. Tune in to this episode!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. #1: Supermom’s a dirty word and I’m just not made for homeschooling [02:35]
  2. #2: Sometimes just getting through the day is an achievement to be proud of [08:33]
  3. #3: Look around you and be grateful for the things that you have [12:00]
  4. #4: Quality alone time is underrated [19:13]
  5. #5: You are what you say you are [23:08]



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