3 Quick Tips to Grow Your Facebook Followers | Episode 028

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Most people get stumped when it comes to getting users to visit their social media pages. You could well be three months in and not get any good followers at all! It can be super frustrating, but social media is certainly no rocket science. So how do you grow your followers?

We’ll find out today as I take on one of the most frequently asked questions and share with you my three quick tips on how you can grow your Facebook followers and reach the right people! Listen up and learn how you can put those networking skills to work as I talk more about why socialising is key to audience engagement.

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We’ll be talking about:

  1. Tip #1: Invite your family and friends to follow your business page [01:10]
  2. Tip #2: Be consistent with engaging content [04:29]
  3. Tip #3: Get outside your page [09:48]

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