Taking Your Conferences and Events Virtual with Colleen Ocafrain| Episode 026

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It’s no secret that in 2020…. everything has changed BUT who says you can’t gather people and hold events anymore? When life gives you lemons, grab yourself some tequila, and hold a virtual function!

Today, we have another exciting episode as we chat with Colleen Ocafrain, AUS & NZL Global Events Manager at SeneGence, about how to hold highly successful company events online! Join us as we talk about the success of their very first online conference,  PIT M3 and what were some of the behind-the-scenes preparations made to make it happen.

Hop on as we take a tour of how to truly go virtual!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Colleen’s story in the direct-selling scene [01:26]
  2. Her unique lipstick application technique [04:17]
  3. Why she decided to go virtual [06:03]
  4. Taking virtual events to the next level [09:16]
  5. What makes this topic relevant to corporate leaders [12:48]
  6. How people are receptive to the changes in the events and conferences [14:22]
  7. Holding a virtual event needs great commitment, investment, and great support [16:00]
  8. The value of investing in an excellent production team and a good platform [19:55]
  9. The lessons picked up along the way [23:26]
  10. Why companies need to train people to speak to a computer screen [25:44]
  11. Using swag boxes to hype up the event [29:19]
  12. The future of Senegence events [32:48]

About Our Guest:

Colleen Ocafrain is the AUS & NZL Global  Events Manager at SeneGence International, taking care of Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. Being heavily involved in the event scene for 25 years now in several industries, her skills and expertise have helped many events run successfully and seamlessly. Today she shares how those skills have translated to the Direct Selling Industry and the current season we find ourselves navigating.


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