Talking About Mega Parties and Real Life with Shelly Pease | Episode 022

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Mega Parties… What are they and how do they work? Today we will cover all those details in a raw episode with Shelly where we also talk about the real life challenges that come with being a mum in this business and multi tasking.

In this week’s podcast episode, Sam is joined by Shelly Pease, a leader and distributor for SeneGence and a mega party guru! Join us to talk about how to continue business growth through these crazy times with mega parties and social media consistency. We cover everything from organising them to Shelly’s top tips to make them a success every time!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Shelly and her cosmetics business [01:23]
  2. Getting her business online [03:15]
  3. It’s okay to not be okay [05:45]
  4. Making an appearance while going through a rough patch [06:42]
  5. Sam doing her best to be a super-mom [09:58]
  6. What is a mega party? [14:00]
  7. Mega party BTS [17:11]
  8. Choosing a schedule and the people when organising a virtual party [20:24]
  9. Helping passionate people excel at consulting [22:56]
  10. The frequency and flow of Shelly’s mega parties [25:59]
  11. Three top tips for running a successful mega party [29:15]
  12. Awkward mega party moments [30:55]

About Our Guest:

Shelly Pease is a distributor and leader for the skincare and cosmetic Direct Selling company SeneGence and a qualified make-up artist. Her positive and upbeat personality has attracted people into her business and has then catapulted her to success. In recent times she has mastered mega parties to promote SeneGence and LipSense while motivating and supporting her team.


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