21 Questions with Sam and Greg | Episode 021

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When you follow someone closely, sometimes you can’t help but wonder what they’re like when they’re not talking about work. Well, today, you’re in for a special treat. Greg and I have recorded a very special podcast for all of our listeners. We answer 21 questions about family life, work and everything in between.

This was a very exciting podcast for me and Greg and we definitely had a barrel of laughs as we shot down 21 burning questions that our team had in store for us—ranging from devices, social media, holiday destinations, to pineapple pizza!

Get to know us better in this fun and entertaining episode that will give you a sneak peek into who we really are behind the scenes! Tune in now!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Three things Sam and Greg can’t live without [02:13]
  2. Favorite Netflix or Stan shows [03:21]
  3. A daily one-hour me-time [04:49]
  4. Funniest but smartest advertising they’ve seen [07:21]
  5. Favorite and must-have devices for digital marketing [09:43]
  6. The top item in the travel bucket list [14:41]
  7. Favorite holiday destination [15:42]
  8. The future of social media [16:34]
  9. Will Sam’s children stay in Tassie? [19:11]
  10. Sam and Greg on schools and subjects [21:03]
  11. Of spiders and snakes [22:15]
  12. How Sam and Greg first met [25:25]
  13. A different place they would like to live in [26:30]
  14. Does Facebook really listen to you? [27:36]
  15. The best book they’ve read so far [29:25]
  16. Three celebrities, living or passed, they would have over for dinner [29:38]
  17. Funniest conference moment [31:07]
  18. Their second careers of choice [31:56]
  19. Weekly routine vs weekend routine [32:33]
  20. Why there are passionate about teaching people how to know social media [33:41]
  21. Pineapple on pizza: Yes or no? [35:42]



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