Networking and Your Direct Selling Business with Wendy Lloyd Curley | Episode 020

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Have you ever had a direct seller coming at you too aggressively, trying their hardest to sell their products that you just awkwardly start closing up and walking away? Often, people get so passionate about their products and services that they tend to skip the part where they had to make an actual conversation.

One skill that all sellers need to have is networking. And the misconception around networking is that it’s all about selling. Well, we’re here today to get rid of that misconception and help you connect better with your ideal customers.

Join me in today’s podcast episode with Wendy Lloyd Curley, Regional Vice President of PartyLite Australia as we talk about how networking works and what is the key strategy in making better connections with people. We will also talk about the key to identifying your target customers and creating quality Facebook posts.

Stop driving away your potential customers and start making better connections by tuning in to this episode!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Wendy’s history with PartyLite [02:01]
  2. Transitioning from being a candle party fan to being an entrepreneur [03:26]
  3. Active listening is the key to a better customer care [06:19]
  4. Consult, don’t sell [08:52]
  5. Promote the products and services, not the business opportunities [11:06]
  6. The best leaders began as customers [12:44]
  7. Tips on how to start a conversation [14:03]
  8. Meeting Wendy for the first time [18:42]
  9. Wendy’s ideal customer and how it’s key to her Facebook posts [20:26]
  10. By getting specific, you’re not alienating people [23:04]
  11. Wendy’s elevator pitch [26:14]
  12. Networking is not about selling; it’s about developing relationships [29:49]
  13. A tip for people new to networking [32:08]
  14. It’s the knowledge about your products that make people crave them [35:42]
  15. Wax Files: A website for candle-lovers [36:53]

About Our Guest:

Wendy Lloyd Curley is the Regional Vice President of PartyLite Australia, a company that sells and distributes candles, home decors, and fragrances in Australia. She is also a director of BNI a networking organisation in Australia. However, she is better known by her community as Wendy the Candle Lady and passionately shares her love for candles. Her excellent networking skills have brought her from being a simple candle-lover to building a business with PartyLite.


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