3 Ways to be More Productive on Social Media | Episode 019

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Would it be an exaggeration to say that social media is notorious for being a thief? It’s like a maze that’s so easy to get yourself lost in. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, checking your notifications, and suddenly getting lost in scrolling through your feed. Before you know it, time has passed.

And time—for entrepreneurs and small business owners—is very precious. Each second, minute, and hour has to be planned carefully in order to keep the business running smoothly. But, how exactly do you keep yourself from these distractions?

In today’s podcast episode, I will be giving you three tips on how to improve your productivity, and how to stay focused on your tasks. I’ll also introduce you to a great scheduling app that will improve your focus and keep you faithful to your plan.

If you find yourself in a conundrum on how to break free from that trap, listen now and learn how to become more productive on social media.

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Overview of today’s topic [00:10]
  2. Productivity tip #1: Have a plan, set a goal, and set a key action [02:06]
  3. What makes having a plan essential [05:10]
  4. Stop procrastinating and focus on selecting the right platform [06:08]
  5. Consistency is key [07:25]
  6. Productivity tip #2: Time yourself and be strict with it [08:11]
  7. Keep a checklist, set your timer [09:13]
  8. Tide app: A great app to improve focus and productivity [10:02]
  9. Avoid breaking your schedule down [11:27]
  10. Going slow is the fastest way to go [13:41]
  11. Productivity tip #3: Use a scheduling and/or planning tool [14:39]
  12. Bonus tip: Allocate time for learning [17:18]


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