Facebook vs. Instagram | Episode 018

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Not sure about which social media platform to use for your business?

It’s true that social media is a very effective tool for marketing. Every day, the number of users increases rapidly. There are so many platforms that businesses can tap into and it only feels right to open an account for all of them. But ask yourself this: “Am I really reaching my target audience effectively through this method?”

In today’s podcast episode, we’re going to talk about the two social media giants in this generation—Facebook and Instagram, but I’m not here to tell you which one you’re supposed to use. Instead, I’m going to help you decide which one suits you and your business better.

Find out the difference between Facebook and Instagram, and connect with your desired audience by listening to today’s podcast!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Social media and your business: Don’t fall into the trap of like-chasing [01:31]
  2. Facebook and Instagram: Similar yet so different [03:01]
  3. The key difference between Facebook and Instagram: Text vs. Image [04:44]
  4. Sharing posts and the trick to doing it on Instagram [06:57]
  5. Say no to hashtags on Facebook! Using hashtags on the right platform [10:36]
  6. Scheduling with Facebook and Instagram [13:55]
  7. The essence of using hashtags on Instagram [15:47]
  8. Paying attention to your posts can give you a lot of traction [16:05]
  9. Linking on Instagram and Facebook [17:56]
  10. Instagram is 99.9% mobile [20:01]
  11. Facebook is geared towards business marketing [21:15]
  12. If you have time, do both. If not, don’t. [23:30]
  13. Set a goal and find your perfect customer [25:17]


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