Staying Motivated in a Time of Crisis with Beverley Unitt| Episode 025

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With a lot of depressing things going on in our world today, it’s hard not to become a Debbie Downer. However, by changing the course of your thoughts and achieving those small victories everyday, you can lift yourself up and get yourself going.

Today, we have an inspirational episode that is sure to motivate anyone listening, direct seller or not. I talk with Beverley Unitt, one of the best leader coaches in Australia, about how to tap in to your hidden gems that will help build your resilience and motivation.

Lift your chin up and put a smile on your face by tuning in to this show now!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. The situation in Australia today and how it’s affecting everyone [01:21]
  2. To get what you want, ask what you’re going to do and who you’re going to be [04:31]
  3. An exercise on how to develop resilience [06:37]
  4. Build your ‘qualities list’ to give you the energy boost for resilience [11:07]
  5. The fastest way to build self-esteem is to complete a task [12:29]
  6. COVID-19 has legitimized home-based business [13:39]
  7. You have great qualities, you just need to notice them [15:18]
  8. Jot down your team member’s qualities that you don’t know about [17:13]
  9. Your business is a vehicle to create something bigger; it’s not you [18:35]

About Our Guest:

Beverley Unitt is Australia’s #1 mindset and motivation expert. With almost two decades of experience as a sought-after and world-renowned keynote speaker, she has helped thousands of leaders all around the world become the best version of themselves through MINDiVATION. Her clients not only range from direct sellers, business leaders, team managers, but also health professionals, and even families!


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