What Do Your Money Cycles Say About You with Emilia Tomeo | Episode 130

I’m so excited to welcome back to our podcast MJB queen, Emila Tomeo (aka Mills)! Mills and I are going to talk about ‘THOSE’ topics that make you cringe…

We’re talking about money, our mentality around money, spending cycles and the glass ceiling. We’ll cut through to hit these hard topics head-on and help to answer important questions; “how do I take financial burden off my shoulders?” and “How do I break that glass ceiling so I can take my finances and my business to the next level?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you’re going to love this episode! I know you’ll love Mills as much as I do. Greg and I have attended MJB seminars and experienced first hand what we can all learn about understanding our own behaviours around money AND how to better run our business, our personal life and smash the glass ceiling that hindered our growth.

Sit back and enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe.

We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [00:00] Introduction

➡ [2:43] Girl talk

➡ [3:42] Meet the mother hen

➡ [5:25] About MJB Seminars

➡ [8:10] The Performer

➡ [10:08] Here’s comes the challenge

➡ [11:16] One opportunity

➡ [13:36] Our greatest teacher

➡ [16:24] The need to be challenged

➡ [21:11] Know your glass ceiling

➡ [24:39] Shifting your inner most dominant thought

➡ [26:50] Understanding the cycle 

➡ [28:32] Learning from our cycles

➡ [30:12] Responsibility is the greatest form of empowerment

➡ [35:52] Mastermind Money

➡ [39:37] Playing the money game

➡ [47:00] Value for money

➡ [47:44] Exclusive promo code

➡ [48:13] MJB Seminars upcoming events 

➡ [49:31] Visit https://www.transformyourwealth.com.au for online learning

➡ [51:45] Fun question about Mitch

➡ [53:20] Final words from Mills





➡ Master Mind Money Half the price discount code: MMMLEES

MMM Dates: 

Perth August 13/14

Melbourne Sept 3/4

Brisbane Sept 17/18


About our Guest: 

Emilia Tomeo (Mills) is a Head Facilitator, Master Equilibrator and presenter at MJB Seminars, as well as a creator and author of the Equilibration process. She has a BA in Education and a background in teaching. She is the key driving force in the creation and development of the Equilibration Process® and how the world experiences it today. She is a teacher at heart, so any opportunity to dive into educating and inspiring others is her idea of a good time. With over 10 years experience in education, Emilia’s background includes working with and inspiring children, as well as the inner child inside us all.

Emilia’s mission is to simplify the complicated and to allow everyone to connect to their authentic self and genuine inspirations. It is her vision to help each person discover their unhindered potential, in order for all individuals to live fulfilling and rich lives.

Emilia’s certainty is that we are all exceptional and have extraordinary talents, and it is her mission to help each person realise the power they possess.

Through her work, Emilia strives to make this information accessible to anyone and everyone and is dedicated to constantly developing her own expertise, education and knowledge. What inspires her most at MJB is having the opportunity to make the complicated simple. And there’s nothing she love more than being with another person and taking them to their moment… the moment where they see no matter who they are, what they’ve done, they’re loved.


Connect with Mills: 

➡ MJB Seminar’s Website: https://mjbseminars.com.au/about

➡ Emilia Tomeo’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilia-tomeo-13464032/?originalSubdomain=au


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