Quitting (Alcohol) With Celine Egan | Episode 054

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In hard times we may choose to escape into technology, alcohol or food to cope. If you find yourself “escaping” instead of being fully present, what can you do?

In today’s episode, Celine Egan of The Juice Plus Company Australia talks to us about her decision to quit alcohol, the challenges she found, how she managed them and what the benefits were.

I know most of you will find this a little bit diverse from our usual topics but we have a lot of valuable takeaways you can surely apply to different aspects of your life. So tune in!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Celine introduces herself [4:04]
  3. Why Celine decided to quit drinking alcohol [6:49]
  4. Some of the challenges you have to face when you make that decision [11:40]
  5. How people around you will probably react to your decision of quitting [15:06]
  6. Some of the reasons why people turned to alcohol during this COVID season [19:20]
  7. The importance of identifying the reason why you’re quitting [21:05]
  8. What was the hardest part in quitting? Does Celine still struggle? [26:38]
  9. Habits and tools that have helped Celine’s journey in quitting alcohol  become easier [30:28]
  10. Tips to make the decision of quitting alcohol easier [33:10]
  11. At what point did Celine start to notice a change? [37:13]
  12. Celine’s advice to those who are going through the same struggle [44:01]



About Our Guest:

Celine Egan is the Chief  Growth & Operations Officer at The Juice Plus Company Australia. Celine is passionate about helping people grow and develop, both personally and professionally. She has co-authored two books — Accelerate and Direct Selling Power.


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