5 Tools to Up Your Social Media Game | Episode 055

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What’s a good marketing plan without the aid of social media tools that can boost your reach & engagement whilst creating tons of fun on your page?

In my years in the Direct Selling space, my best pals have always been these five tools that make marketing a lot easier for me. Without them, I can’t imagine creating amazing marketing content that’ll help me engage with my audience better!

So in this episode, allow me to help make things easier for you too by sharing my top five tools to up your social media game.

Stay tuned ‘til the end of the episode to get some valuable tips and takeaways!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Hi there! [0:00]
  2. Tool #1: Canva [01:38]
    • Several things that make Canva amazing [03:17]
    • Scheduling your Facebook posts through Canva [06:44]
  3. Tool #2: Later [09:07]
    • Later’s cool linking abilities [11:53]
    • My two most favourite things about Later [12:59]
  4. Tool #3: Animoto [16:17]
    • What I love about Animoto [17:08]
  5. Tool #4: Lead Pages [20:16]
    • The cool things about Lead Pages [21:29]
  6. Tool #5: Facebook Audience Insights [25:09]
    • Things to be aware of about Audience Insights [27:35] 



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