Courage, Consistency and Confidence With Kimball Hobby | Episode 053

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Courage comes before confidence.  Sounds great, but how on earth do we walk it out??

Today we have Kimball Hobby from LeRêve who guarantees the confidence will come! We talk about some of the most amazing journeys of transformation from 2020. From all the challenges to all the opportunities, what can courage and consistency do to increase your confidence and make you a better person?

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Hi there! [0:00]
  2. Kimball talks about LeRêve’s plans before the whole COVID thing [4:18]
  3. How did most direct sellers react to the situation a year ago? [6:31]
  4. LeRêve is different because they’re a people-oriented company, which made it a bit of a struggle for them last year [10:59]
  5. How did COVID affect LeRêve? [12:48]
  6. Challenges that LeRêve had to go through as they were transitioning from the field into the virtual realm [17:57]
  7. Kimball shares some of the success stories from people who used to be sticks in the mud [24:30]
  8. Stepping out of your comfort zone [27:35]
  9. Courage comes before confidence [28:25]
  10. Consistency builds courage and confidence [29:58]
  11.  This is one of the wrong perceptions regarding being successful on social media [34:07]
  12.  This is what you REALLY NEED to grow your business [35:58]
  13.  Kimball’s focus, dreams, and desires for LeRêve this year [38:39]
  14. Some of the big shifts for direct sellers this year [43:42]
  15.  Why the direct selling industry will only keep getting stronger [44:57]
  16.  Kimball’s favorite LeRêve products [47:14]



About Our Guest:

Kimball Hobby is one of the owners of LeRêve — a family owned and operated business whose main goal is to put people first in everything they do. LeRêve was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1988 by two visionary entrepreneurs who had a dream for the ideal enterprise and a passion for fine French fragrance. They wanted to create a company that could provide the opportunity for ‘ordinary’ people to work and grow their own home-based business with unlimited income and reward opportunities.


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