How To Stop the Scroll! | Episode 052

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Posts sink or swim in a matter of hours! How can you get people to pay attention to your posts?!!

Get noticed on social media – make your posts stand out! Today, I share with you tips that help stop the scroll 🥳 

Jot these tips down and apply them next time you post. Tune in and let’s get stuck into it!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Hi there! [0:00]
  2. What about a human’s attention span? [1:27]
  3. A long forgotten art that’s actually effective in getting somebody’s attention? [5:06]
  4. Always think about “how do I get my customers to talk about themselves?” [6:30]
  5. Tip # 1: Try using different filters with your images [7:57]
    • Black and white
    • 3D filters
  6. Tip # 2: Movement [9:53]
    • Videos
    • Live videos
    • Boomerang
    • Turning still images into videos
  7. Tip # 3: Emojis! 😊👊 [14:01]
  8. Tip # 4: Creating curiosity and intrigue with your posts by using two-liners or something with the “See More” button [15:02]
    • Know what your audience wants [16:12]
  9. Tip # 5: Shock [16:44]
  10.  Sam’s tip for those who’d like to know “what is the key to stopping the scroll?” [18:37]




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