The Latest Facebook Updates | Episode 057

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Facebook is rolling out some new changes and updates and some of you are rather anxious about it. But hold on! I know change is scary. The question is, would you rather be reactive or proactive about it?

Today, I’m going to talk briefly about some of the important updates that Facebook is going to roll out, or for some of you, maybe rolled out already. Changes are only scary when we don’t know what’s coming for us, and I came up with this episode so you can stay ahead and be prepared rather than plain confused when you see new stuff rolling out.

Keep yourself updated with the new changes you’re about to experience by listening to today’s episode! Tune in.

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Intro [0:00]
  2. New Pages experience (Business Pages) [2:40]
    • What to expect [4:52]
      • Design [5:02]
      • Page Likes [5:35]
  3. Losing tabs and templates [10:25]
  4. Admin controls [10:47]
  5. Dedicated newsfeeds [11:34]
  6. CAUTION! Toggling between the classic and new Facebook experience [12:17]
  7. New iOS update [13:20]
    • Apple’s new privacy and data sharing policies [14:20]
  8. Watch parties [19:10]




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