Getting creative for the non-creative! 5 tips to up your game| Episode 009

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As you start to build your social media, you need to spend some time making things look good. But when you’re used to doing the business side of things, getting creative can be daunting. However, coming up with uncreative posts or copying what others do can lead to your perfect customer bypassing you. You want your brand to show people who you are uniquely and genuinely. So it’s time to level up your creative game by utilizing some cool hacks.

In this episode, Sam Hind gives 5 useful tips to get creative and create content you can be proud of. She shares the tools she uses to create posts and the special features each one has. If you’re a business owner struggling to inject creativity into your posts, then tune in to this episode now.

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Cool App For Creating Social Media Posts [03:12]
  2. Turn Images Into Video [06:39]
  3. My Favorite Stock Image Site [08:35]
  4. Creating Stories With Loop Videos [11:30]
  5. Putting Text and Background In Pictures [12:45]

“Creativity can be learned. All it takes is to put in the time and effort to learn and apply these tips.”

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