Productivity and Relationship Marketing | Episode 010

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Meaningful conversations are the cornerstones to every direct seller. You want people to want to approach you and to come out of your interactions feeling good and valued.

But how do you approach people without sounding, well, too salesy? Here we look into relationship marketing, which is becoming a buzzword right now.

Today, Eric from Teamzy comes in and gives us tips on starting conversations with family and friends that leaves them feeling positive about your business.

Get ready to structure the way you manage your business and have meaningful conversations. Tune in to the episode now. 

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Marrying business and relationship building [05:14]
  2. How to tastefully approach family and friends [10:12]
  3. Planting the seeds [14:06]
  4. How to build trust through social media [19:03]
  5. Structuring relationship marketing to increase productivity [24:45]
  6. What Teamzy provides [29:31]
  7. The main motivators for productivity [31:55]
  8. How Teamzy supports party planning [35:30]

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