Are you invisible on Facebook? Let’s talk post frequency and strategy | Episode 011

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You’re either posting too much or you’re not posting enough. Most people simply don’t understand the reasons why posting needs to be done a certain way.

Finding the right frequency though can be tricky. However, having a good understanding of the platform you’re using is the starting point.

Today, I will explain how Facebook and Instagram works, and help you build a strategy for what you post, when you post it, and why you are posting it.

Connect and engage with your customers online through your posts. Learn how to do it well by tuning in now!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. How often you should post [01:13]
  2. Focus on the platform where your customers are [03:36]
  3. Will you annoy people? [05:11]
  4. Three things that happen when you post 15-20 times a week [06:33]
  5. Leverage the strategic and creative sides of your brain [09:02]
  6. Why you should have a list of ideas that is 10 or more post types [16:04]
  7. Make creative questions for engagement [17:52]
  8. Strategically schedule posts with a posting calendar [18:37]
  9. Check your Facebook Insights [20:11]
  10. Recap of the posting tips [24:26]

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