3 Hot Connecting Tips You Should Use Every Week | Episode 127

Could you spare 30 minutes each week to grow your business?


In this episode we’re going to explore connecting for growth. I’ll share with you quick and easy tips that take just 30 minutes of your time to grow your business. When you apply these 3 hot tips as part of your weekly routine, you will find that it makes so much difference – not just to the growth of your business but also to your personal growth.


You may feel uncomfortable, uneasy and perhaps not quite sure how to do it… Don’t worry, I will walk you through! I believe that everyone can be a networking pro and do it in a way that is authentic, so that it feels comfortable and gets us to where we want to be.

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We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [1:50] 30 minutes once a week is all you need

➡ [2:23] Filling the funnel

➡ [3:16] No hidden agenda

➡ [4:44] Tip one

➡ [9:52] Tip two

➡ [10:58] Learning from others

➡ [16:54] Tip three

➡ [18:38] Compliments

➡ [20:08] Gratitude reach outs

➡ [22:46] Recap



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