Wipe Off The Dust | Episode 203

I’ve always believed in the power of impacting just one person in the room, and that’s what I want to share with you. Today’s episode marks a shift as we delve into some essential aspects of personal growth that can supercharge our success in 2024.


I want to share a game-changing analogy that transformed my approach to business. Imagine, every day as you step into your business, you have the opportunity to wipe off the dust, gaining a little more courage to tackle what lies ahead. To ‘clean off’ that fear or hesitation that muddied your vision of moving forward, made it more difficult to find your way.


We’ll explore what exactly I mean by ‘wipe off the dust’, what happens if you drag it with you, turning strangers into friends that can share your journey, finding gratitude and starting each conversation or adventure with ‘clean shoes’.


If this concept resonates with you and helps boost your confidence even a bit, then I’ve achieved my goal. So, join me as we explore the power of wiping off the dust and how it can make a significant impact on your journey.





We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction 

➡ [2:49] Why did I choose this title?

➡ [4:16] What happens when you don’t wipe off the dust on your shoes?

➡ [6:53] There are no strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet 

➡ [7:03] A little back story

➡ [13:10] Gathering dust 

➡ [15:35] What can dust look like?

➡ [17:28] Tip # 1 to wipe off the dust: Find the gratitude

➡ [19:28] Tip # 2 to wipe off the dust: See the flip  

➡ [20:05] Tip # 3 to wipe off the dust: Love them anyway

➡ [23:36] Tip # 4 to wipe off the dust: Remember the wins

➡ [25:43] Tip # 5 to wipe off the dust: Start each conversation with clean shoes

➡ [28:32] Make it about them

➡ [30:57] Final words

➡ [31:49] Quick reminder



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