Unlocking Instant Connections in 30 Seconds (Direct Selling Accelerator Spotlight Special) | Episode 204

Listen in as I share with you HOT tips and tricks in this Spotlight Special, shining the light on one of our favourite short and sweet episodes!


How do I know these tips are for YOU? 


These are THE most valuable lessons I learned during my first door to door sales experience. I’m able to use these in every relationship, every experience and in every aspect of my business… and you can too!


Ever wonder “How can I start a conversation with anyone in 30 seconds?” Yes? No? Does it matter? The answer is a resounding Yes!  


In everyday life, when you first meet someone, they get a first impression of you within 30 just seconds! In social media, we don’t have that much time, we only have 7 seconds!  These tips and tricks I’m about to share with you are more valuable now than ever before.


Get ready to take in the tricks and tips shared in this Direct Selling Accelerator Spotlight Special! 


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We’ll be talking about: 

[0:00] Introduction

➡ [2:28] My discovery

➡ [4:38] Taking my Dad’s advice that set me up for life

➡ [6:02] 100% commission based? This is a job for me!

➡ [8:47] I can still remember this story from 20 years ago

➡ [11:15] Sometimes people show up in our life for a reason

➡ [12:40] Meeting a smooth speaking salesman, ‘Sam’

➡ [15:14] Earning the right for ‘the time of day’

➡ [16:32] Relationship building master

➡ [17:50] Playing the long game

➡ [20:25] Rise Up! Inner Circle, it’s about DOING!

➡ [22:15] How you build a relationship with anybody in 30 seconds

➡ [22:39] First important element of relationship building is OBSERVE

➡ [25:47] Putting it into practice

➡ [28:06] After you observe, what now? Asking for ADVICE to gain information

➡ [29:59] Pay a COMPLIMENT

➡ [32:02] Asking questions to break the ice

➡ [32:28] Establishing something you have in common to build a relationship

➡ [32:51] Not everybody is your person

➡ [34:26] Offer to HELP

➡ [37:09] Questions to keep a conversation going

➡ [38:34] Using what somebody wears for your conversation

➡ [39:29] Two great tips for creating trust really quickly 

➡ [41:33] Join RiseUp! Inner Circle and let me be your ‘Sam’

➡ [42:05] My promise to you

➡ [41:33] Join our free group, Social Media for Direct Sellers with Greg and Sam on Facebook





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