The Most Powerful Story I’ve Ever Heard | Episode 088

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Every day is a blessing when you work in an industry that changed your life… And over 20 years since I started my own direct selling business journey, I still hear incredible life stories every day that remind me why there is simply no industry quite like this one!!

… But THIS episode gave me a whole new perspective and a whole new love for the direct selling industry. The beautiful Christine Tylee joins me and shares her infectious passion and she’s got a POWERFUL story to tell.

She’s the founder of Direct Sales Inspiration, a million-dollar achiever for over 10 years running with The Body Shop at Home and has just graduated from Harvard AND Yale with further education in positive psychology… Yep… super achiever! But the one that’s going to rock you (And maybe put a tear in your eye) in this episode is how this industry helped to get her and her family through one of the most unbelievable life curveballs…

Get your pen and paper ready, and have tissues within an arm’s reach because this episode is a very special one, Tune in and enjoy!

We’ll be talking about: 

      • ➡ [0:00] Introduction
        ➡ [2:41] A little bit about Christine
        ➡ [7:49] Christine’s 3 pillars for success
        ➡ [12:45] Christine’s story: Running a business from her daughter’s hospital room
        ➡ [17:26] Passion is infectious
        ➡ [18:47] Fighting her own battles: more difficult news arrives
        ➡ [22:30] 3 years on…
        ➡ [26:43] The power of valuable connections
        ➡ [29:52] Building a safe space and doing party swaps
        ➡ [32:52] To women who want to start a direct selling business…
        ➡ [35:33] Christine’s book recommendations
        ➡ [36:37] Christine’s ideal superpower and favourite quote
        ➡ [37:33] What Christine would say to her past self
        ➡ [40:13] Christine’s message: Don’t give up.


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