Building Your Direct Selling Selling Business | Episode 089

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The direct selling industry is an ABSOLUTE roller coaster ride 🎢 You can have bookings for five straight days, then have a dud party on the sixth… and that’s when you go “Oh no! 😱😱😱” 

But it’s all part of the journey! Greg always tells our kids “Without the salty, you can’t ever appreciate the sweet”. And in today’s episode I am joined by two lovely ladies, Sam Norrie and Penny Inches. They are going to be sharing with us their story of starting their own direct selling business, overcoming challenges, and balancing their careers and home life. PLUS, they’ve got some hot tips on recruiting people successfully 😉

This one is filled with lots of laughs and great stories so jump on in and make sure you get your pen and paper ready because as always, there’s going to be loads of gold nuggets sprinkled all throughout ✨

We’ll be talking about: 

      • [0:00] Introduction
        [2:03] About Sam and Penny
        [6:21] Penny’s Partylite beginnings
        [9:15] Sam’s direct selling journey
        [12:48] The value of ‘stickability’
        ➡ [17:26] Taking the business from ‘in person’ to online
        [20:59] How Sam made the transition to virtual space
        [24:11] Managing business and family
        [26:08] How Penny’s work-life balance changed over the years
        [30:23] Penny the organiser
        [32:48] Tips to recruit successfully
              ➡ [33:53] Tell your story
              ➡ [35:24] Share what’s in it for them
              ➡ [36:52] You won’t know unless you try
              ➡ [39:18] Tap into what they care about
        [41:40] A ‘no’ is not a ‘no, never’
        [43:03] Sam’s and Penny’s favourite quotes
        [43:48] Sam’s and Penny’s favourite books
        [48:24] Ideal superpowers for Sam and Penny
        [49:22] What Sam and Penny would say to their past selves


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