Nothing Is Impossible | Episode 090

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Ever thought ‘That would be a great idea…. But I could NEVER make it happen’?

Today’s episode is going to be just what you need if you have ever wondered about the above. Perhaps you are running a business or in a role where you feel overwhelmed prioritising your time, being a great parent all while maintaining success in business… how do you do it all!? 😱

…Well, this woman has done it ALL. This incredible woman is an absolute inspiration and superpower, Rachel McVinish is the General Manager of Jeunesse Australasia and she’s been in the direct selling industry for 15 years. She is super passionate about helping people, specifically mums and dads, to take their careers and passions into their own hands.

Rachel is going to share with us her amazing journey, and we’ll be diving into how she launched a new product from scratch, what she did to overcome roadblocks, and much more!

You’re going to love this episode so grab a pen and paper because there will be a lot of golden nuggets in this one. Tune in and enjoy!

We’ll be talking about: 

      • ➡ [0:00] Introduction
        ➡ [2:44] From milk industry to direct selling
        ➡ [4:56] Diving into product development
        ➡ [7:18] From idea conception to launch
        ➡ [9:18] How to Build Unstoppable Confidence
        ➡ [12:24] The story behind Life Circulate
        ➡ [16:28] Overcoming bumps and roadblocks
        ➡ [19:04] Work-life balance: When to take a step back from business
        ➡ [23:41] How to find focus and beat distractions
        ➡ [28:00] Social media’s role in Jeunesse
        ➡ [30:33] Challenges and successes in the new virtual normal
        ➡ [36:24] Advice for those who want to jump into the industry
        ➡ [37:44] Rachel’s favourite books
        ➡ [39:23] Rachel’s ideal superpower and favourite quote


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