How To Switch Off A Busy Mind This Christmas Break | Episode 091

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It’s noisy in here! My head I mean…. 

Christmas is an insane time of year but add in family, a business to run and don’t even mention the ‘C’ word…. So how do we quiet this busy mind of ours whilst ensuring we don’t let the ball drop? This has been a challenge for me for years and to be fully transparent, it’s an ongoing journey. 

I’ve learned from some of the very best minds, coaches and business people who have all been on the very same journey so in this episode I’m going to share with you some of the powerful tools and lessons I’ve learned in the hope that I can take some of the pressure off you too 😉 

Today we’re talking about my 🔥hot tips🔥 to manage your social media and make space to switch-off a busy brain not just for the holidays, but each time you decide to take a break.

Today’s episode is all about soothing your soul 😊

Sending you much love for a well deserved and restful Christmas break 

We’ll be talking about: 

        • ➡ [0:00] Introduction

        • ➡ [2:31] Plan. Plan. Plan.

        • ➡ [4:28]
          The 15-Minute Rule

        • ➡ [6:26]
          Setting up automations and scheduling posts

        • ➡ [8:52]
          Make a list of what soothes your soul

        • ➡ [12:38]
          Put yourself FIRST

        • ➡ [16:23]
          Turning off tech….

        • ➡ [19:09] Get physical!


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