Ask Us Anything! (Funny Holiday Edition) | Episode 092

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I have been waiting A LONG time to make this episode and it seemed like the perfect time to do it! With our ridiculous Christmas get-up and we’ll be answering fun questions our Accelerator members asked. 

There were so many funny and curly questions in here so we hope you have a bit of a laugh with us as we talk about our behind-the-scenes, lesser talked about topics such as… who always wins an argument, which parent’s the ‘nice one’, what’s Greg’s most annoying habit and….. Have we ever wanted to quit?

Have your favourite drink ready, tune in and enjoy! 

We’ll be talking about: 

        • ➡ [0:00] Introduction
          ➡ [2:27] Greg’s most annoying habits
          ➡ [3:34] What we do for FUN
          ➡ [5:23] Overcoming arguments in business
          ➡ [9:21] Separating Business and Personal Life
          ➡ [14:10] Which direct selling company we’d join 😏
          ➡ [16:54] What our kids do in the background
          ➡ [17:53] Our top go-to meals
          ➡ [21:04] How we’re handling our kids’ ‘pre-teen’ stage
          ➡ [25:40] The favourite parent: Greg vs Sam
          ➡ [27:47] Our happy places
          ➡ [31:30] Setting boundaries in our relationship
          ➡ [34:20] Sam’s most annoying habits
          ➡ [35:31] Our funniest moments
          ➡ [38:20] Creating separate spaces
          ➡ [40:29] Our BIGGEST fight
          ➡ [44:19] To everyone listening right before Christmas…


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