What You’re Doing Wrong… | Episode 041

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If you’re one of those people who’s going, “Why is no one interacting with my facebook page? Why am I not reaching customers?” You’re probably doing something wrong. Nearly all cases that come to me with these complaints are doing one or all of these things.

There must be a problem when you notice that there aren’t too many people engaging on your page or when there are no new people finding you on Facebook. And as much as I hate to focus on the negative, I think it’s only high time to address these three things you’re highly likely to be doing wrong.

Let’s dive into our episode, so tune in now!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Number 1: You’re foundations aren’t right [01:08]
  2. What it looks like [01:48]
  3. Your profile picture should be your brand [02:15]
  4. Your cover image should tell a story [02:54]
  5. 3 things that you need to be clear in your instagram bio or in your facebook about section [03:45]
  6. Number 2: Not being clear about who it is you serve [04:30]
  7. Why your ideal customer is pivotal to your business [04:53]
  8. Work out who your tribe is [05:24]
  9. Number 3: We let our goals cloud the bigger picture [06:09]
  10. Take a step back and think about making your social media more interesting and engaging [06:59]
  11. Give your ideal customers the content that they truly care about [07:34]
  12. Here’s something that you’re doing right [08:15]


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