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Switching Off | Episode 042

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Like it or not, we are now in a day and age where we are totally surrounded by social media and technology. Most of us heavily rely on it for our businesses and social life. Set me for an example…I sit behind the computer screen day in and day out, it’s what I do. But I also acknowledge that being exposed to social media and technology everyday totally drains the soul.

With Christmas break hanging just around the corner and with all the opportunities that arise during such a season, how do we make ourselves present and completely focused on our families without completely letting go of everything?

Today, let’s discuss switching off as we enter a time of rest. Hopeful that this season will help us walk into 2021 with joy for our business, our personal lives, and our families. Let’s get into it!

We’ll be talking about:

  1. Why I want to talk to you about this topic [02:43]
  2. Prepare and Plan your time-off [04:58]
  3. Why you should let go of social media during time-off [05:55]
  4. Get your calendars organised and get things done in advance [07:31]
  5. Communicate in your social media only when needed  [07:44]
  6. Be mindful about things that are time sensitive [09:17]
  7. Set some ground rules on switching your tech off [10:24]
    1. Ground rule #1: No devices after 9 pm or earlier  [10:57]
    2. Ground rule #2: Never have your phone in your bedroom  [11:12]
  8. Journaling and taking a bit of time to reflect and balance [13:08]
  9. Reflect on things that didn’t go so well and how you could improve the next time  [14:45]
  10. Start plotting a little plan on coming back next year [17:24]
  11. Give your soul some soothing because you deserve it [18:23]

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