The biggest Social Media developments in 2023 and coming trends for 2024 with Scott Kramer | EP191

Today’s episode features a standout guest — none other than industry superstar Scott Kramer, renowned for his substantial impact and expansive industry experience, and influence.


Scott isn’t your run-of-the-mill expert; he’s the mastermind behind MultiBrain and a seasoned professional in the world of Social Media, particularly within the Direct Selling Industry. Scott joins us to help unpack and understand the happenings of 2023, and explore what lies ahead in 2024. This conversation will be raw and eye opening with Scott’s unfiltered, honest insights.


As the discussion unfolds, Scott will lay out predictions and visionary concepts regarding the future of Social Media. He’ll give us an expert’s sneak peek into what’s changing, a preview of the transformative shifts to come and crucial trends on the horizon, understanding what’s most important for Social Media success as we move forward.


Scott injects an infectious energy into the conversation, fostering a lively exchange of ideas that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Whether you’re intrigued by Social Media dynamics or simply curious about upcoming trends and how they will impact you, this episode is just for you. So, settle in and be prepared to capture some genuinely valuable insights from the one and only Scott Kramer.


We’ll be talking about: 

➡ [0:00] Introduction

➡ [3:47] Catching up with Scott

➡ [6:04] Let’s wing it

➡ [9:46] Controversial predictions

➡ [12:12] Raw, real, unedited content

➡ [18:07] Counter point

➡ [20:40] Power of the micro influencer

➡ [22:34] Click baiting

➡ [26:51] Big shift in the algorithm

➡ [29:30] Suggested content

➡ [33:51] Short form videos 

➡ [36:08] Paying for a verified account

➡ [41:47] Let’s talk about AI

➡ [47:24] Hybrid content

➡ [50:09] Agree or disagree: video content trends

➡ [51:30]  Threads and X,  where are they going to be in 2024?

➡ [53:45] Sam’s prediction for 2024

➡ [56:56] Young people love to adapt to technology  

➡ [57:56] Social search, how is it going to play a part?

➡ [59:40] Facebook and multiple personal profiles

➡ [01:00:37] Parting words


About our guest:

Scott Kramer is a media and entertainment veteran who’s credits run the game of television, film, digital, publishing and large-scale live events. Scott currently serves as Chief Brain at Multibrain. Multibrain is an award winning software digital agency whose Social Media software products power over 300,000 entrepreneurs worldwide, with some of the top Direct Selling brands in the World. Kramer is also a popular keynote speaker and expert on the topic of Social Selling.


Prior to the launch of Multibrain, Kramer was the Senior Vice President of Integrated Media for IMG Worldwide. As Head of Global Brand Partnerships, he directed sales, marketing and development staff in the US and UK, overseeing revenues across entertainment, digital and sports media. 


Scott has an extensive experience directing cross-functional teams in developing new revenue generating creative and multi-platform content strategies for entertainment, media and consumer brands. Highly skilled in driving creative vision, from concept through execution for agency, television, music, digital, radio, and print companies. Strong ability to effectively provide senior-level management experience to operations, P&L, and business development.



Connect with Scott Kramer:

Website:  https://multibrain.net

Facebook:  facebook.com/multibrain.social

➡ Twittertwitter.com/scott_kramer 

LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/smkramer



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