Step into YOUR success with Belinda Ellsworth | Episode 106

Have you ever wondered how to build a successful career while prioritising your family?

We are excited to have Belinda Ellsworth, speaker, trainer, podcaster and best-selling author on the show to talk about her 40+ year experience in the direct selling industry.

What started as a side hustle to her career as a professional musician soon became her passion! Belinda was 29, a young Mum and making a six-figure income from Direct Selling. With much encouragement from top leaders in the industry, Belinda started teaching her systems and strategies through speaking engagements and leadership events.

Belinda believes people come into this industry with a hope that their life can be just a little bit better. Fast forward to today and her mission remains the same; ‘to make those roads easier for people and make that hope a reality by equipping them with programs, tools and resources.’

Grab a coffee and your notepad! Belinda shares key insights and tools that we believe will not only benefit your business but also your personal life. 


Belinda’s favourite quote:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt



We’ll be talking about:

➡ [00:00] Introduction

➡ [1:44 ] Best selling author Belinda Ellsworth

➡ [3:28] Opportunity presented itself

➡ [6:41]  Looking ahead to the future for Direct Selling

➡ [8:27] Making an impact in Direct Selling industry

➡ [10:38] Direct Selling For Dummies

➡ [11:35] Helping Direct Sellers through her books

➡ [13:31] Belinda’s newly released 2022 Planner for Direct Sellers

➡ [14:25] More than just a Planner

➡ [17:08] Craving for more

➡ [20:21 Looking back through Memory Lane

➡ [27:01] Growing a successful business and being a Mom

➡ [29:52] Having troubles with discipline with your time, listen to Belinda’s advise

➡ [31:35] Power Hour to produce results 

➡ [38:30] Roadblock to Direct Selling success

➡ [43:21] Do you need help setting your business goals, 2022 Planner for Direct Seller got you covered

➡ [45:35] Hot recruiting tips from Belinda

➡ [51:37] Lead with your product

➡ [52:35] Belinda’s Favourite books

➡ [53:31] Focus and confidence is Belinda’s choice of superpower

➡ [54:36] “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” strikes Belinda the most

➡ [55:34] “Dream even bigger than what you’ve thought you could” is what Belinda will say to her past self.




About our Guest: 

Belinda Ellsworth has been a professional speaker and consultant for more than 25 years. She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and more than 200 companies make better decisions and create successful systems. Her iconic messages of good solid business practices will stay with you forever and positively impact your life and your business.

As a speaker, sales organizations have reported a significant increase in sales within 90 days of her presentations. As a consultant, she has a track record of increasing sales and profits on average of 100-200%. As a result of her work, she holds the prestigious DSA Ethos Partnership Award.

Belinda is an International Best-Selling Author of the #1 book “Direct Selling for Dummies”. She also hosts “Work From Your Happy Place”, a creative business podcast featured on iHeart Radio that has recorded over 400 episodes, currently ranking in the top 10% on iTunes.

With her undeniable passion for this industry and helping people achieve their dreams, her energetic style and expertise will inspire you to achieve more.


➡ ‘2022 Planner’ by Belinda Ellsworth: 

➡ ‘Direct Selling for Dummies’ by Belinda Ellsworth (A Wiley Brand): 

➡ ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’ by Marshall Goldsmith: 


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